Terms and Conditions

Please read our pet grooming terms and conditions.

  • For the safety of the staff and your pet Mr Paws and Claws requires that you disclose when booking if your dog exhibits any difficult or aggressive behaviour.
  • No liability will be accepted by Mr Paws and Claws for any injury caused by difficult or aggressive behaviour by your dog.
  • No liability will be accepted by Mr Paws and Claws when any health problem is uncovered or aggravated, by any part of the grooming process.
  • An additional cost will be incurred for any dogs that require significant de-matting or removing a matted coat. This is also a time-consuming and high risk process. Any additional charges will be agreed in advance of the groom with the client.
  • Flea baths incur an additional cost.  This is because dogs have to sit in a specialist flea shampoo for 10-15 minutes to kill them.  We also have to fumigate the salon to prevent fleas from settling or spreading.
  • We no longer pluck dogs ears and clip the hairs shorter instead.
  • We do not express anal glands.
  • All clients must fill out, sign and date a record card and agree to the disclaimer before a groom is carried out.
  • Please make sure all dogs are well walked and given ample opportunity to toilet before coming to their pet grooming appointment.


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